The This One Is Story

This One Is ethical.
This One Is organic.
This One Is creating clothing that’s built to last.

Our company is sick of seeing what big clothing brands have been doing to the planet.

Precious resources are being wasted, and rivers are being polluted.

Hard-working people on the other side of the world are being exploited. Many aren’t paid fairly, and some work in factories with appalling conditions.

This isn’t good enough.

This is damaging our planet, and the people who live on it.

This can change.

Our goal is simple: to achieve style and sustainability.

We don’t just want you to feel good in our clothes, we want you to feel good about the impact that you’re making.

Everything from our T-shirts to our joggers are made from premium quality, fabric designed to be comfortable to wear.

This material is much, much gentler on the environment.

Better still, they’re printed and embroidered right here in the UK.

So… how do we make sure that our products last longer?

Well, our secret lies in how we comb the cotton to remove shorter fibres, as this makes the garment less likely to bobble.

Yes, our clothes are a little bit more expensive than what you’ll find in a bargain high street store, but you know what they say: buy cheap, buy twice.

These are garments that’ll last for years – beautifully crafted items that you’ll be able to enjoy wearing time and time again.

Changing our shopping habits is going to take time, but this change is long overdue.

We need to move away from fast fashion, where millions of products are bought on a whim and often only worn once.

We need to stop seeing clothes as something we buy impulsively, and see them as investments.

We need to pay attention to how retailers operate, and vote with our wallets when they fall short of the standards we all need to follow.

Here at This One Is, we’ve got brand-new pieces that are arriving all the time. They’re beautifully designed, and they’re timeless.

Our T-shirts and hoodies look great on their own, or they can be paired with blazers and jackets to create practically endless new looks.

Better still, many of our products are available in distinctive colours that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

We’re determined to give you the best customer service – and we accept an array of payment methods, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa and Mastercard.

If you’ve ever taken a moment to think about the impact your actions have on our planet, this is your chance to step up – and look good doing so.

We’re here to make being eco-friendly nice and easy, with a hassle-free online shop, fast delivery and competitive prices.

Let’s tackle the amount of pesticides released into the environment.

Let’s reduce toxic waste and do away with chemical dyes.

Let’s turn our backs on the throwaway culture that’s seeped into our shopping habits.

This One Is for the people who believe that the fashion industry shouldn’t produce 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions and use 1.5 trillion litres of water each and every year.

This One Is for the people who believe that every single person involved in creating the clothes we wear deserves a decent wage and to be treated well.

This One Is for the people who are fed up with wearing poor quality clothes that feel uncomfortable.

This One Is for you.